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Melbourne’s Largest American Female Expat Organisation

The AWA is in the process of winding up following a majority vote at the Special General Meeting. We sincerely thank you for your support over the years. Any questions can be sent to communications@awamelbourne.org

Meet Our Members

  • Owner of USA Foods
    Member Since 1998
    USA Foods is Australia's premiere American grocery store, home to over 3,000 items. We ship all over Australia.
  • Integration & Counselling for Expats
    Member Since 2012
    When my husband accepted a position at Swinburne in 2010, our list of “boxes to be checked” began: Dogs through quarantine, house leased, quit job, goodbyes to friends and family, etc. The last piece of advice I was given by my friend from NZ was to join AWA as soon I arrived. I am so glad I listened to her. AWA was not only a social network to…
  • Retired. Business Development Representative, Catholic Development Fund, Archdiocese of Melbourne (1989-2008) Production Planner, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York (1964-1976)
    Member Since 1976
    I married an Australian (whom I met in Spain) in 1976 and made Melbourne my new home. I was introduced to the AWA through friends from Kodak and have been very proud of the wonderful contribution our American group has made to the hospital over many years. Meeting the needs of sick children particularly touched my mother's heart. I enjoy reading,…
  • Legal Research and Health Care Public Policy
    Member Since 2015
    Originally from Kansas, but spent more time in California. Met an Aussie and swept over the Pacific to Melbourne to stay. Most recently completed research on health care in Singapore and the UN Conventions regarding Women and the Disabled and ASEAN. Looking to do more of the same here in Melbourne. My husband and I enjoy outdoor activities,…

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From The AWA Blog...

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Winter in July and August still seems odd, even after 3 years here.  Does it ever get to be normal?  Change seems to be a constant part of the expat life no matter how long you've been…

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