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Melbourne’s Largest American Expat Organisation

The American Women’s Association was established over 80 years ago as a philanthropic organisation aimed at bringing American women together.
Over the years, our organisation has raised over $4 million and provided thousands of volunteering hours to the Royal Children's Hospital.

Meet Our Members

  • Program Manager
    Member Since 2014
    My husband and I were thrilled at the opportunity for him to take a job assignment in Melbourne. Coming from the land-locked state of Colorado, we were immediately drawn to the water and have happily settled into Port Melbourne life. Volunteering was a big part of my life in the States and I’m enjoying continuing that here in Australia –…
  • Consul General
    Member Since Honorary Member
    We are very pleased to have Frankie Reed join the AWA as our honorary member this month. As you can see below she has countless experience working in the Asia Pacific political realm. Frankie A. Reed arrived in Melbourne in March 2015 to assume the position of Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General Melbourne. Prior to moving to Australia she…
  • International Relations
    Member Since 2012
    When my husband accepted a position at Swinburne in 2010, our list of “boxes to be checked” began: Dogs through quarantine, house leased, quit job, goodbyes to friends and family, etc. The last piece of advice I was given by my friend from NZ was to join AWA as soon I arrived. I am so glad I listened to her. AWA was not only a social network to…
  • Volunteer
    Member Since 2014
    We love Australia! Wilson’s Promontory is our favourite place in all of Victoria – the beach, mountains, a river and WOMBATS! Melbourne has ruined me for all American coffee…
  • Consultant
    Member Since 2013
    Cooking is my cathartic zone! Love my family, friends, travel, vino, and a bit of yoga and other sports.
  • Accountant
    Member Since 2012
    We moved to Melbourne for my husband's job for what was initially a 3 year contract but has since been extended. I joined AWA after being here for a year because I felt homesick for other Americans. I spend a lot of time exploring the various small food shops and markets in the many area villages and love the freshness of the food available here.…
  • Business Manager
    Member Since 2011
    I married an Australian. He still takes my breath away and I would follow him to the end of the world. I love to paint and learn new languages. We enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, their food and wine. I am passionate about giving back to my community. I feel fortunate in life and believe if I can help out my own community, I can…
  • New Products Integrator
    Member Since 2013
    Megan is from San Diego, California and has lived in Melbourne for 2 years. She has been AWA’s Director of Internal Communications since July 2014, was the chair of last year’s Halloween Extravaganza, and works on new Cloud products at Telstra. She’s lucky enough to have her mom, dad, brother, and two dogs living in Melbourne. In her spare time…

What's New

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We're giving our branding a refresh and we want YOU to choose which logo we use! Click through to cast your vote! The logo with the most votes will be implemented next month.

Get Involved

  • Tuesday, 1 September 20155:30pm - 8:00pm
    Join us for a FREE social media workshop. Following on from our previous session, we'll explore Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram in more depth. If you weren't able to attend the July session, no worries - we'll catch you up as we go!  …
  • Saturday, 31 October 2015 Noon - 5pm
    Back by popular demand (from the kiddos of course)! Calling ghosts, goblins & ghouls...Come one, come all to our annual family friendly Halloween event! See you there on 31 October at Hampton Street!
  • Saturday, 31 October 2015Noon - 5 pm
    Calling all creative parents, local artists, and Halloween devotees! Register today to compete in our 'trunk or treat' car decoration competition! The most creative theme wins a generous prize - not to mention seen by thousands via the foot traffic…
  • Tuesday, 15 December 2015TBD
    We are excited to announce that Cocktails at the Consulate will be available to our members this year.   We'll be in touch soon with the December date. Stay tuned!
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