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Melbourne’s Largest American Female Expat Organisation

The American Women’s Association was established over 80 years ago as a philanthropic organisation aimed at bringing American women together.
Over the years, our organisation has raised over $4 million and provided thousands of volunteering hours to the Royal Children's Hospital.

Meet Our Members

  • Energy Efficiency Analyst
    Member Since 2015
    I came to Australia to be with my partner. We met in Austin through friends and started a very long distance relationship. After a year we decided it was time to make a move, so here I am. The majority of my free time is spent looking for a job and networking, as I quit my last job in Austin where I worked in the sustainability industry, managing…
  • Owner of USA Foods
    Member Since 1998
    USA Foods is Australia's premiere American grocery store, home to over 3,000 items. We ship all over Australia.
  • International Relations
    Member Since 2015
    My husband and I relocated to Melbourne, Australia from Southern CA. We are enjoying the high energy lifestyle here! We love to run, hike and travel.
  • International Relations
    Member Since 2012
    When my husband accepted a position at Swinburne in 2010, our list of “boxes to be checked” began: Dogs through quarantine, house leased, quit job, goodbyes to friends and family, etc. The last piece of advice I was given by my friend from NZ was to join AWA as soon I arrived. I am so glad I listened to her. AWA was not only a social network to…
  • Business Owner of Translationz
    Member Since 2004
    I enjoy my time with family. We love to be active in sports and outdoor activities. My husband is Australian and that is how I came to live in Melbourne. I joined AWA initially to connect with other Americans and participate in activities.
  • Volunteer
    Member Since 2014
    We love Australia! Wilson’s Promontory is our favourite place in all of Victoria – the beach, mountains, a river and WOMBATS! Melbourne has ruined me for all American coffee…
  • Consultant
    Member Since 2013
    Cooking is my cathartic zone! Love my family, friends, travel, vino, and a bit of yoga and other sports.
  • Accountant
    Member Since 2012
    We moved to Melbourne for my husband's job for what was initially a 3 year contract but has since been extended. I joined AWA after being here for a year because I felt homesick for other Americans. I spend a lot of time exploring the various small food shops and markets in the many area villages and love the freshness of the food available here.…
  • Retired. Business Development Representative, Catholic Development Fund, Archdiocese of Melbourne (1989-2008) Production Planner, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York (1964-1976)
    Member Since 1976
    I married an Australian (whom I met in Spain) in 1976 and made Melbourne my new home. I was introduced to the AWA through friends from Kodak and have been very proud of the wonderful contribution our American group has made to the hospital over many years. Meeting the needs of sick children particularly touched my mother's heart. I enjoy reading,…
  • Business Manager
    Member Since 2011
    I married an Australian. He still takes my breath away and I would follow him to the end of the world. I love to paint and learn new languages. We enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, their food and wine. I am passionate about giving back to my community. I feel fortunate in life and believe if I can help out my own community, I can…
  • Content Writer for Dermfx
    Member Since 2015
    I came to Australia because of the classic love story- girl meets boy, but boy lives 7,941mi away! I have been living between Melbourne and Orange County since Feb '14. I love to cook and fancy myself as being quite domesticated ;) I also enjoy a variety of physical activities including yoga, cycling, weight lifting, runs along the Yarra River,…
  • Cloud Services Integrator
    Member Since 2013
    Megan is from San Diego, California and has lived in Melbourne for 2 years. She has been AWA’s Director of Internal Communications since July 2014, was the chair of last year’s Halloween Extravaganza, and works on new Cloud products at Telstra. She’s lucky enough to have her mom, dad, brother, and two dogs living in Melbourne. In her spare time…

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