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Outback Opal Safari Holiday

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Do you have a trip to the Outback on your Australian to do list?  Here is your opportunity for an insiders tour with a friend of the AWA. 

Nick Le Souef, an 'Opal Miner Extraordinaire' of 40 years, will be your guide.  Nick has offered this trip to US visitors on similar treks. They claim it as the highlight of their Australian stay!

The rough itinerary will be:

Leaving Melbourne for Adelaide. The next day to Coober Pedy through the Outback desert --- each journey will be about 8 hours, all bitumen. There are alternative dirt and 4wd roads and tracks if so desired.

Nick will show you around the town --- the underground homes and businesses and churches, meeting some miners, and scratching around for opals. There are no companies or corporations ---- it's just individual miners, like a Wild West town.

Then return on back to Melbourne; some people may choose to go on further to Oodnadatta and Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.

There is no charge for anything --- just a normal holiday, in your own vehicle, staying in motels, or campgrounds. There is a choice of above or below ground accommodation. There is even underground camping!

From his most recent trip with a couple from Seattle:

It's a two day drive --- the first night Adelaide; the second Coober Pedy.

I showed my guests around the town for a couple of days, introducing them to my eccentric mining friends and their unique underground homes and restaurants and churches --- we all stayed in the underground Desert Cave.

We even did a little mining, with just a little luck!

Then, as a finale to the trip, I took everyone up to the Painted Desert, about 200k's north of Coober Pedy, a formation of mesas and buttes, which I reckon is the most spectacular sight in Australia! Beats The Rock hands down!

But I'll let Karen Harper who, with her husband Mike (out here from Seattle with Boeing) joined our adventure, elaborate: 

"Last week I had the opportunity to visit Coober Pedy in South Australia. My husband and I traveled with Nick Le Souef from Lightning Ridge Opals on Flinders Lane, Melbourne City. Nick was the most outstanding tour guide. We stopped along the Stuart Highway several times to view animals and scenery that I probably would have driven right by. From the moment we arrived in Coober Pedy we were introduced to the most interesting people; owners of opal shops, owners of dug out homes, and other visitors to the town. Nick knows everyone!! He knows exactly where to go to experience the best of Coober Pedy. Not a minute was wasted on this trip. He took us to the beautiful Break Aways for a lovely sunset and perfect photo opportunities. Nick introduced us to Coober Pedy resident, Rose. She was so generous in giving us a tour of her dug out home. It was beautiful and made me think…hmmm maybe I could try living underground!! 

We met a man named Peter who had owned a pottery shop and then became a photographer. Mike, my husband decided he'd enjoy spending a month with Peter and join him on his mail runs and learn the secrets of photography. I decidedI could live in a dug out home and fossick for opals while Mike was out with Peter!! It's hard work but can be so rewarding! We also had the opportunity to visit the Painted Desert and enjoy the beautiful scenery and landforms.We enjoyed stories of the varied and eccentric residents (Crocodile Harry), the excitement of discovering the beauty of opals (Opal Beetle shop), and hunting for spiders along the way (yes, Nick was determined to add to his extraordinary collection). I can't wait to put the pictures in my scrapbook and journal my experiences in Coober Pedy with Nick Le Souef."

-Karen Harper

Contact Nick if you would like to go on his next tour:

Nick Le Souef

Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

175 Flinders Lane,


(03) 9654 4444

0434 144 444


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