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Welcome / Engagement Committee in the Making!

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At a recent strategy session with the Board, it was determined that encouraging Member Engagement (in particular welcoming New Members) is to be a key priority for the organisation in the short to mid-term.

As part of that strategy, we are creating a 'New Member / Engagement Committee' to help increase membership engagement and ensure our new members are welcomed with open arms.

Ann Marie Johnston has offered to head-up the committee, and she is looking for other women willing to represent their 'region'.

Our membership currently breaks down into the following regions:
  • Central: 13%
  • Eastern (far east): 7%
  • Inner East: 31%
  • All of North: 13%
  • Peninsula: 7%
  • Southeast: 24%
  • Western: 5%
Our aim is to have one committee member in each 'region' with that committee member responsible for greeting (a personal phone calling and/or taking to coffee) each new member for their region.

We will also aim to organise 2 'regional' events throughout Melbourne each year so that (for instance), where members from the a region can meet other members from the same region. (I.e., the North region may (as an example) host a potluck dinner at a members house in the North; where as the the Peninsula ladies may decide to do a winery lunch). Details of the event will be left up to the regional committee member - but will be aimed at getting members of the same area meeting other local ladies.

Our aim is to have a committee member for each of the regions (in essence 7 volunteers - though the Southeast and Inner East could take 2 committee leaders).

If you are interested, can you please reply with your name, contact details and the region you would like to volunteer for? Ann Marie will be in touch in the next week or two to progress the idea.

Thank you in advance for your interest to this vital new committee!

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