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Appointment of new President and Org Structure at RCH

The Royal Children's Hospital Auxiliaries - Appointment of new President and organizational structure

The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and the RCH Auxiliaries today announced that after 13 years of service as President, Carole Lowen is stepping down and Robyn Anderson has been appointed President. A new organizational structure for the Auxiliaries has been also announced.

Carole Lowen said today "It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve as President of Auxiliaries. It has been a privilege to lead an organisation that has such wonderful heartfelt support for the Royal Children's Hospital.

"I congratulate Robyn Anderson on her appointment as President. Robyn has a long history of service to the Auxiliaries and will take the Auxiliaries into their next stage of successful fundraising for the sick children of Victoria."

Robyn Anderson, who has been involved with CasKids Auxiliary supporting the Emergency and Casualty Departments of the RCH for more than 40 years, expressed her delight in being asked to lead the Auxiliaries.

"I love The Royal Children's Hospital, and have made fundraising for the sick children of Victoria a huge part of my life," Robyn said. "I feel honoured to be asked to be President and to serve on the RCH Foundation Board. I look forward to the support of the Foundation to assist in raising even more funds, and further developing RCH Auxiliaries as the 'heart of the hospital.'"

Comprising of 60 fundraising groups and over 1000 active members, the RCH Auxiliaries were started by the RCH Committee of Management in 1922 and have since contributed more than $38 million to the hospital. The organizational structure has been substantially unchanged since inception. The new organizational structure means that the RCH Auxiliaries will be established as a sub-committee of the RCH Foundation Board, with a new Auxiliaries Executive Committee. This structure is designed to deliver a governance and management structure in line with contemporary practices. Mrs Louise Gourlay OAM is Patron.

"Since taking on the presidency 13 years ago, I have been concerned to ensure that RCH Auxiliaries continue to make strong and meaningful contributions to the hospital and operate under contemporary structures," Mrs Lowen said.

"I am delighted that the hard work has paid off and I would pay tribute by thanking immediate past-President Davina Johnson OAM and our wonderful Patron Louise Gourlay OAM for all their support while we have worked with the RCH Foundation to finalise the new structure. I wish the new committee, under the guidance of Robyn Anderson as the new President all the very best."

Mrs Louise Gourlay OAM, Patron of Auxiliaries paid tribute to Carole. "Carole has been an inspirational President, who has with endless enthusiasm and passion, overseen a very successful period of renewal and growth for the Auxiliaries, so we pay tribute to her and sincerely thank her for her years of service. I am delighted that Robyn Anderson, who has been Vice President and involved in Auxiliaries for many years has agreed to take on the role of President. Robyn has also been very involved in developing the new organisational structure and I thank her for the time she has already committed. I look forward to supporting her and wish her well in this new chapter of the Auxiliaries."

The Chairman of the RCH Foundation, Peter Yates AM, thanked Carole Lowen for her significant contribution over many years and welcomed the new President Robyn Anderson. He also said that Robyn has been heavily involved over many years in Auxiliaries and recently in the establishment of the new structure. Mr Yates said that he and the RCH Foundation Board are looking forward to working with Robyn as President. "

Executive Director of the RCH Foundation, Sue Hunt agreed, "I am looking forward to working with Robyn Anderson and the rest of the Auxiliaries Executive Committee to plan for a bright future and even greater contributions to the RCH. The Foundation is deeply committed to assisting donors to fund excellence that will make the RCH a great children's hospital and the Auxiliaries form an important part of the family of donors that we support."

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