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Royal Children's Hospital Auxiliary

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What Is An Auxiliary?

The AWA is an auxiliary to the Royal Children's Hospital.  What does this mean?

The hospital has two fundraising bodies, the Foundation and Auxiliaries.


The Foundation is the funding arm of the hospital.  The money it raises goes towards pursuit of excellence in patient care and treatment, research, and demonstrated leadership in all aspects of practice and technological advancement.


The Auxiliaries essentially are part of the hospital's community outreach program.  We put faces to the RCH, who are friendly, fun and caring.  As well, the money we raise goes toward the purchase of more discrete items such as treatment for a particular illness, for a project such as the bioethics committee, or specialized pieces of equipment.  

At the beginning of each AWA board year, the AWA board chooses what they wish to focus fundraising efforts for the coming year.

There are over 100 auxiliaries.  While we usually choose a particular item to purchase, some auxiliaries raise money for a particular cause, like CIKA which supports research into cancer treatment for children.

While we do offer social activities and events, our affiliation with the hospital is what makes us relevant.  We hope you will find ways to support the AWA fundraising efforts as we support the well being of Melbourne's children.