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President's Blog - 15 January

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Happy New Year everyone!!!

I sincerely hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season - I certainly did! My husband, puppy and I enjoyed the beautiful Queensland coast for Christmas and spent the turn of the New Year in the Blue Mountains. It was lovely. Each time I travel around Australia I am reminded what a beautiful country we live in!

I also returned to the US for a week post-New Year and had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. But, alas, now it's back to work and the rush of everyday life! At least it's a great time to be in Melbourne!!! The weather is fantastic, the tennis is on, the beaches are full and the city is alive! I just love Australian summers!

It's hard to believe that it is already mid-January! Each New Year I am reminded that the month of 'January' is named after the Roman god Janus, who was the god of beginnings and endings - the god of doorways. Janus is usually featured with two faces looking in opposite directions - one to the future and one to the past. Looking back, I am proud of the past year we've had at the AWA and I look forward to all that is to come in 2013.

The AWA has some exciting events coming up this year! I hope many of you are planning on joining us at the Super Bowl Party the AWA is co-hosting with Burger Mary and the Precinct Hotel on Monday 4 February 2013 at the Precinct Hotel in Richmond at 10am, which is game time in the US (doors open at 8am). The AWA will be running a raffle to benefit the CBC at this event. We will have American football, food and fun! Please see the website to order your tickets.

I would also like to remind everyone about the monthly night meeting, which is usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at a city location (generally in or around Federation Square). In February we will be doing something different for our night meeting. We will be meeting on Thursday 7 February 2013 from 6pm - 8pm at the house of our Vice President of Membership, Marla Coffin. Please see the Stars & Stripes or the AWA website for further details.

I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful time of year here in our great city and I hope to see you at an AWA event soon!

Kind regards


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