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President's Blog - 15 December

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Hello everyone!
I just can't believe that Christmas in nearly upon us!
Thank you to all who came to the Christmas Cocktail at Consul General Mary Warlick's home earlier this week. We had such a lovely time and Mary was a very gracious host. The weather was also just perfect for the event. Thank you to Andrea Taormina and Heather Pfaff Cunsolo for organising!

This will be my last blog for this year. I thought I'd take a moment and reflect on the past 6 months, during my time as President. It has been a wonderful experience. I am proud of the events and activities that our organisation has conducted and been involved in. I am particularly proud of the fact that our Halloween event went so well (thanks to the efforts of Brooke Purcell and the other hard-working, energetic members of the Halloween committee) raising over $16,000 in revenue and having an attendance of 925 people! What a great turn out! Also, on the social side, I think Thanksgiving went incredibly well (thanks to Joy Villalino and the rest of the Thanksgiving Committee). As you may know, although this was a social event, it raised an additional $1,200 for the RCH. I am happy to see our monthly Night Meetings and our activity groups going strong, offering our members social and networking opportunities on a regular basis. Overall, a great 1/2 year for the AWA!!!

I have also personally been given many opportunities to represent our group at various activities including at a couple of September 11th events, Thanksgiving events and other American-associated events in the broader community. These opportunities have been invaluable to me and I have been honoured to represent the AWA in these various capacities.

I'd like to personally thank the AWA Board, without which the AWA could not be nearly as successful. These ladies work incredibly hard without any compensation and (sometimes) very little thanks. I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and it has been a remarkable experience working with and learning from each of you. Thank you to Heather Pfaff Cunsolo (Internal Communications), Andrea Taormina (Social Director), Ann Marie Johnson (Website Director), Marla Coffin (VP Membership), Masoomeh Wake (VP Fundraising), Brooke Purcell (Secretary), Lacy Alford (Treasurer) and Wenny Utomo (PR Director). I really appreciate it ladies!!

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a very, very happy holiday season. If you are travelling back to the US (or anywhere else in the world) please travel safe and smart. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Merry Christmas!


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