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President's Blog - 15 August 2013

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Hi everyone!

I hope that all of you are surviving the end of winter here in Melbourne - only a few more weeks to go! I have been lucky enough to have missed some of the recent cold and wintery weather, having just come back from 3 weeks in the northern hemisphere where I visited my family in Kansas City and also travelled to the Greek Islands with my husband. It was a wonderful whirlwind of family, friends and sunshine! But, alas, it's always too short!

As most of you know, we have just moved into a new year for AWA (as historically our Board year has run from August to July). As resolved at our General Meeting in June, going forward we will be running the Board year from January to December and will have an 18 month board year this term in order to get on track. The turn of the AWA year means that it's time to renew memberships for many of our members. As you may know, our membership renewal policy has also recently changed such that we have rolling renewals (meaning that your renewal and yearly membership fee will be due one year from the date that you previously paid these - regardless of when this was throughout the year). As many of us traditionally paid our membership fees in August, most AWA memberships continue to be due for renewal in August. If it's time to renew your membership you will have received a notice both electronically and via mail. Don't forget to renew on time!!!

Coming up on the AWA calendar this month we have a coffee morning tomorrow, 16 August and a Moms 'n Tots gathering on Wednesday 28 August. We are also in the planning and preparing stage for a few of our major events including Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you are interested in helping with either of these committees please let me know. Also, we are currently looking for a few Activity Group Leaders to lead the following groups: Weekend Brunch Group, Movie Nights, Compass and Lunch in the City. Please let our Activity Coordinator, Maylynn Bloom (maylynnbloom@gmail.com), know if you are willing to lead one of these groups. Finally, we are also seeking a new Secretary for AWA, as our current secretary, Brooke Purcell, will be moving back to the US shortly. If you are interested in filling this important Board position, please contact me as soon as possible!!!

I hope to see you all at an upcoming AWA event soon!!

Kind regards


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