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President's Blog - 1 March 2013

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Hi everyone!

What a busy past two weeks for the AWA!!!

Last week the AWA transferred to the Good Friday Appeal over $190,000, earmarked to the Children's Bioethics Centre. The RCH, the Foundation and the CBC are all thrilled with this result. All members of the AWA should be truly proud of our efforts to raise these funds over the past two years! Great job ladies!

On 25 February, the RCH held a Combined Auxiliaries Meeting. This meeting focused on changes that will be made to the RCH Auxiliaries, including that the Auxiliaries will become part of the RCH Foundation. The AWA supports this change as we believe it will lead to further transparency and oversight of the Auxiliaries' administration and governance. Also at this meeting it was announced that Carole Lowen, the Auxiliaries President for the past 13 ½ years, will be stepping down from her role as President at this year's AGM. Carole has been a great supporter of the AWA over the years and has also served on our Panel of Advisors. We will miss Carole and are grateful for her leadership over the past 13 ½ years!

Yesterday (28 February) was a fantastic day for the AWA! Members of the AWA attended the RCH along with our Patron, Mary Bruce Warlick, the US Consul General for Melbourne for a tour of the RCH (including viewing some of the equipment the AWA has purchased in the past) and an overview of the Children's Bioethics Centre. In attendance at this event were Professor Christine Kilpatrick (CEO of the RCH), Peter Yates (Chair of the RCH Foundation), Sue Hunt (Executive Director of the Foundation), Dr Catherine Lees (Director of the CBC), Dr Hugo Gold (Clinical Director of the CBC), Carole Lowen (RCH Auxiliaries President) and Charles Mifsud (Maltese Counsel General in Victoria) as well as members of the Pacific Command Airforce Band and members of the AWA! After the tour we had morning tea and the AWA was thanked by the RCH, the Foundation and the CBC for all of the work we have done for the Hospital over the past few years and for our ongoing association with the CBC. To end the event, we all listened to the Pacific Air Force Band play for members of the Hospital staff, patients and families. It was a truly wonderful day and I was so proud to represent our organisation at this event!!

Finally, I am very excited for tonight, when we kick off our Arts & Culture programming events with the Melbourne Theatre Company's production, The Other Place.We have a good group of attendees for tonight's event and I hope that we can grow our Arts & Culture offerings to become a fun and important part of our organisation!

Hope to see many of you at our night meeting next Wednesday or at another AWA event soon!

Kind regards


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