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President's Blog - 1 July 2014

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all keeping warm through this cold Melbourne winter! 

Last Saturday night was particularly cold and wet, but I stayed warm listening to the great tunes of the Feature Set Orchestra, including special performances by legendary Australian jazz pianist, Tony Gould.  As many of you know, this concert was a fundraiser for AWA organised by the community orchestra, Feature Set.  Each year Feature Set puts on a concert and chooses a charity to benefit from the proceeds of the concert.  This year, as the theme of the concert was American music, the AWA was the lucky beneficiary of these proceeds!  But, the best part of the arrangement for me was being introduced to Feature Set - their music was fantastic and the night was an absolute blast.  I encourage everyone to attend the Feature Set concerts each year and enjoy a wonderful night of music for a good cause.  We will continue to post information about the Feature Set concerts on the AWA website!

This past Sunday was also a great day for AWA as we celebrated and thanked our Activity Group Leaders at an Afternoon Tea held at Mossgreen Tea House in Armadale.  Thank you to all of the Activity Group Leaders who attended the Afternoon Tea!  Thank you also to Maylynn Bloom, who just stepped down as the Activities Coordinator, for organising the tea and for all of her hard work during the past year.  Maylynn - your great work was a true asset to AWA!!!  We welcome Sheila Phelan to the Board as Activities Director.  If you have any questions about Activity Groups please feel free to contact Sheila going forward.

Speaking of Activity Groups, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in our recent survey regarding our Activity Groups.  Some very interesting information regarding what our members are most interested in has come out through the survey results and we will share these with you shortly! 

I hope many of you are planning to attend one of the AWA 4thof July Events that will happen this weekend.  We are celebrating US Independence Day in our regional areas, with each region doing something a bit different.  Please check out the AWA website to find out more about the event being held in your region!

Hope to see you at an AWA event soon!


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