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President's Blog - 1 February 2014

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Hello all

Here we are in February - this year is already flying by!

It's been a great start to the year for AWA! We had our first Board meeting in January and have really hit the ground running! Planning for the golf tournament (one of our major fundraisers) is under way and tickets are on sale now.

The RCH Auxiliaries have also really hit the ground running this year. As many of you know, I am currently sitting on the Auxiliaries Executive Committee (AEC) at the RCH. The AEC is designed to help oversee and assist the approximately 80 RCH Auxiliaries. The AEC is guided by President, Robyn Anderson (who many of you have met at AWA Functions) and is comprised of very dedicated women (and a few men), who are passionate about ensuring that Auxiliaries remain a vital part of RCH fundraising. Last week, the AEC held a strategy day - led by RCHF CEO Sue Hunt. During the strategy day, the group looked at ways in which to maintain Auxiliaries' relevance and importance in our ever-changing world. One of the subjects discussed at length was sustainability and planning for the future of Auxiliaries. It is my belief that AWA can play a big part in this. We are such a spirited group with a long history of supporting the Hospital. For over 80 years, AWA has supported the RCH, through many different changing times, whilst still retaining our unique identity. I encourage all of you to get more involved with Auxiliaries on the whole - including attending the Combined Auxiliaries Meeting on Friday 7 February at 10am at RCH.

This coming week will be a busy one for AWA! We have the Burger Mary Super Bowl party at Crown Casino on Monday from 8am. Then, on Wednesday, is our first Night Meeting of 2014, which is being held at the home of Marta Porter (AWA Secretary). It should be a nice evening of catching up with friends and hearing about holidays! Please RSVP to Marta at portermarta1@gmail.com by 3 February. As mentioned above, Friday is the Combined Auxiliaries Meeting at the RCH. Please let me know if you plan to attend and I will save a seat for you! Finally, next week kicks off the Lunch in the City activity group for 2014, with our first lunch at Cookie on Tuesday 11 February at 1pm. It should be a great time!

Hope to see you all at an AWA event soon!

Many kind regards


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