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President Blog - 15 August

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Hello AWA members and friends

I hope all of you are keeping warm during these cold winter months here in Melbourne!

I was back home in the US last week and was greeted with the warmth (and humidity) of a Missouri August. Quite a change from August in Melbourne!

While I was in the US I was reminded of some of the things that make summer in the US so fantastic - BBQs, baseball games and family picnics. I was also reminded of the hardest part about being an ex-pat - being far away from our extended family and friends while life goes on - nieces and nephews are born, siblings and cousin graduate and parents and grandparents grow older. It is in these times that I really value my family and network here in Melbourne, including all of my friends at AWA. We have a great support group here and so many wonderful ladies to rely on - which is so important when living abroad.

On a somewhat related note, membership renewals are due by 1 September and I can't encourage you strongly enough to ensure that you renew prior to this date. If you have not renewed by 1 September you will be removed from our mailing list and will no longer receive the Stars & Stripes (or this blog - oh no)!! Plus, if you are no longer a member you won't have the opportunity to participate in our fantastic Activity Groups.

Speaking of our Activity Groups, there are a few Activity Group events on the horizon in the next couple of weeks. These include Morning Coffee this Friday (17 August) in Hawthorn and the Gen X/Y theatre outing next Friday (24 August) in Prahran. Check out the Stars & Stripes for further details on these upcoming events.

There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. I encourage you to renew your membership, come out and attend an event and STAY WARM!

Kind regards,


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