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News from the President...

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We had a great turn out for our new member happy hour (followed by night meeting) at Taco Bill's on May 2nd. It was also a lovely chance to honour two of our long-service members (Mary Ann Payne 35 years, and Barbara Nixon 20 years), too!
Thank you to Taco Bill for contributing towards the night and to all of our members who turned up. We hope that you had fun!

Our next night meeting, Wednesday 6 June will be back at Transit at Fed Square. Planning to join us? Feel free to simply turn up - or if you're a new member let us know to expect you so we can keep an eye out for you!

In the meantime - we had a great board meeting tonight, confirming that we've raised $50,000 this year for the CBC. It's a hearty effort, especially considering that we did not have a Thanksgiving fundraiser or a Fourth of July Ball. Congratulations to each of you who have played a part in helping us to achieve this significant contribution to the Children's Bioethics Centre.

As the AWA continues to evolve, there are great new ideas in store for the new board year. I believe we are still seeking a Thanksgiving Chair - so if you want to get involved, please let us know! Meanwhile, continue to watch this space for updates on upcoming events and new activity groups!

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