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How will you get involved? Starlight, Halloween Committee, a 'Grill Master' and ...

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I was speaking with a prospective new member interested in the 'volunteering' aspect of our organisation the other afternoon and it hit me while we were chatting what a broad spectrum of ways there are to volunteer your time with the AWA.

Just in the next few weeks alone we have our golf event, Easter, a day at the Starlight room, plus our nominating committee and Halloween committee are both about to get under way - it was another reminder of just how much our organisation does.

Whether it's 2 hours or (200!) whatever you want to give, the AWA has a way to utilise your skills and is always looking for willing volunteers.

How do you want to be involved?

Here are a few opportunities that where we're seeking AWA members' helping hands:
Though it might seem like 28 October (the date of our Halloween Trunk or Treat) is a long ways away - it'll be here before you know it! Following on the success of last year's event, this year's trunk or treat will once again be a fundraiser.

The AWA would like to thank new member, Tamara Stillwell, for stepping up to chair the event. Interested in being on the committee? Please let Tamara know!

RCH Starlight Room:

The Starlight Room is seeking 1+ volunteers for April 2nd and June 4th (plus dates for July - Dec now on Calendar).

Starlight Room Volunteers meet from 10-11:30am at the 'Starlight Room' of the hospital and assist little patients and their siblings in making beautiful drawings and paintings. Craft Skills are not required, merely enthusiasm and a warm smile.

If you are interested in volunteering for Apr, June or any of our newly added dates please contact Kalene Caffarella.

'Grill Master' for the Easter Eggstravaganza:
Do you (or hubby) really love being the grill master at a bbq? We're seeking 2 volunteers who can assist at the picnic to cook up some burgers and snags. Can you help? Please contact Andrea.

Nominating Committee Members (and Board Members!):
Are you interested in serving on the nominating committee to search out our new President? Or might you want to put your hand up to be our new President (or VP Fundraising or Treasurer?). We're seeking 2 members to serve on the 'nominating' committee - and they in turn will then be searching for our new President, VP Fundraising and Treasurer. Might you want to nominate yourself for the job?
Please contact Tiffany Barmann if you're interested in serving on the nominating committee or potentially up for being on the Board!

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