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Happy 2016! From Our President

Welcome to 2016!
Amongst the remnants of wrapping paper, college football games (USC Trojans will come back stronger next year!), and amid the last notes of Auld Lang Syne, we at the AWA Executive Board are excited and ready to hit the ground running in 2016. At our first board meeting in January, we will be reviewing opportunities to develop and/or grow in areas of membership, programs to support our Member's interests, and strengthening our partnerships within the Royal Children's Hospital and the Consulate General.  

We greatly appreciate our Members and their commitment to be active participants in the AWA and their "home away from home" community spirit. Our Members have shown themselves to be a dynamic group of women who enjoy life in all its many different facets and sharing those experiences amongst each other. I have had the experience of belonging to an AWA organization in two countries. I have found the support, camaraderie and resulting friendships through AWA has made for easier transitions. Simply being able to ask about how every day items can be found can make or break a day in the beginning of a move to a new country. Ask me sometime about my breakdown in a grocery store trying to find lettuce or the numerous times I jumped on the wrong trams or trains! 

In talking to Members, I have found we all have similar stories when we first move to our new home. It is amazing how soothing hearing someone else's story can be as you can both relate and laugh about it. 

There is also a segment of our members who have lived in Melbourne for quite some time. We would like to hear more from these Members about how AWA can grow as needs and interests change in our community. 

Thank you All for your support as we work together towards continuing our success stories in 2016!

-Paula Appelhans 

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