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$50,000 raised and our fundraising strategy and Halloween planning off to a grea...

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It's hard to believe that we're nearing the end of this board year. I am very proud to announce that the AWA has raised $50,000 for 2012-13 that will be given to the Children's Bioethics Centre. This is a number that we can all be proud of - especially considering that we didn't have a 'large' fundraising event (i.e., the Independence Day Ball) this year. I am confident that with the forward planning and strategic thinking going in to our fundraising efforts for 2012-13 that we'll continue to grow on this success.

Last month about 16 people joined together to launch a strategy session for 2012/13 Fundraising initiatives along with the 1st 2012 Halloween meeting. There were several new members at both meetings and it was great to see so many people wanting to be involved. (It's not too late, either - if you want to get involved with either - please let me know!)

The ideas and energy flowing at each meeting were exhilarating - and I left both meeting feeling really charged about the direction this organisation is heading.

I hope that you'll plan to join us for upcoming events. In particular - I'd like to remind you of the following:
  • July 4th meeting at the RCH where the 2012-13 board nominations will be voted in along with a tour of the new. We hope that you will come to be inspired by the AWA's contributions over recent years - and to thank the outgoing board and vote in and welcome our incoming board members.

  • 'Fourth of July River Cruise and Dinner' (Sat - 7 July) in conjunction with the AAA
I'm excited and looking forward to what 2012-13 board year has ahead of us and I can't encourage you enough to put your hand up to get involved. Whether it's simply joining in for an activity group, or playing a part on a committee, you will get as much out of this organisation as you put in.

If you ever have an thought or idea or are looking to get involved and just don't know how - please let me know, and I'm sure I can help point you in a direction that will meet the AWA and your needs.

Kind regards,
Ann Marie

PS - if you're interested in further supporting the CBC - please note that they're hosting a fundraiser at the Block Arcade with the Harvard Krokodilloes on the 11th July at The Block Arcade.

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