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Finding a Mob

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2017, a new year begins.  For me, it is another year that I never dreamed I'd spend in Australia.  I first arrived in this great land down under as a bright-eyed 22 year old.  I spent a year in Sydney doing a master's program at Sydney Uni, after which I was disappointed with the quality of the program and with the year in general.. so I decided to try again with a different program at RMIT, and I arrived in Melbourne.  Within a few months, I met my future husband and that was that. 

Over the years, I finished my MA at RMIT, gained permanent residency and eventually, citizenship.  However, despite having an Australian passport, I didn't consider myself to be 'Australian (I still don't, actually).  Although I have done nothing to transfer my life back to the US, I still harbour hopes that someday, somehow, I would get to move back.

However, the years passed.  I watched many good American friends move back to the US with pangs of jealousy.  Meanwhile, my husband and I started our family here, and last year started building our family home in the Eastern suburbs.  For most people, that would mean they are staying permanently.  And while I can certainly see the benefits of staying here, I often wonder when it will start to feel like 'home.'

What has made staying here easier has been making connections and friends, often with other Americans.  I though I was doing all right before, but as more friends abandoned life down under, I had to reach out again, and that's when I joined the AWA last year.  It is so important to have a village, especially as an expat when family and 'home' is far away.  Having others who understand where we come from, and can laugh and cry at the challenges we face here is invaluable.  

The past few years have been some of the hardest of my life, as my children were babies and preschoolers and I had no family here.  I knew a lot of people, but not many whom I consider good friends.  It is so lonely sometimes, which is sort of funny as since I'm home with my kids, I'm never actually alone.  Ever.  But I want this year to be different.  I will learn that it's ok to leave the kids with a babysitter and catch up with friends more often.  I will take random classes at the Centre for Adult Education in the city (cooking, interior design, blogging, languages, anyone?) I even signed up for a rowing course to get out on the Yarra so I can relive my high school days, though luckily I don't think I'll be getting up in the dark to row in the snow here... 

And as for the AWA, I hope to get a few more activities on the calendar in case there are others out there like me, wanting to get out of the house and have fun with new friends.  So if that's you, please come along to some of our events... and if you have ideas for more, we'd love to hear them!

3 Comments Posted

Dina | Tuesday, 3 January 2017 12:15:14 PM
Another great, heartfelt post Andrea! I often feel the same way and am so glad I met you and so many other amazing women through the AWA. And I have never rowed before, but am interested in giving it a go if you want a partner in crime??....
Andrea | Thursday, 2 February 2017 7:36:38 PM
Thanks Dina! We're just back from 7 weeks 'back home' and think it was enough to charge the batteries... must say being back here is a relief though with all the news stories coming out of the US now :-/ The rowing program is through Hawthorn Rowing Club, we can chat about it at book club!
Raishel | Thursday, 23 February 2017 10:21:42 PM
I would love to join you for some classes at the CAE! let me know what you are interested in taking this year!