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President's Blog 15th September 2013

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Hello everyone

It's already mid-September, which always makes me remember cool fall days spent baking pumpkin pies and watching gridiron football. It also makes me remember the fateful day 12 years ago when the world changed one mid-September morning.

I'm sure most people over the age of 20 or so can probably remember exactly where they were when they heard about the attack on September 11th...

I was in my third year at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri and was living on campus in sorority housing. I remember waking up and turning on the news. The first plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. I watched as the second plane flew directly into the South Tower. News of the other two hijacked planes followed shortly.

That day the campus was chaos. Students were frightened - worried about what might be coming next. It seemed that everyone knew someone in NYC or someone directly affected by the attacks. The school's administration along with student government officers decided to hold a ceremony that evening at the bell tower - the central point of the campus. As Student Body Vice President, I was asked to speak to the student body. I contemplated all day about what I should say to the thousands of students who were looking for answers and reassurance. What I said that day, I still truly believe. "That the US is resilient. That we are a people of many nationalities, cultures, races and languages but with one common ideology - an ideology that cannot be hindered by bombs or bullets, by fear or threats, but instead will grow stronger in reaction to these attacks."

And now, 12 years on, I truly believe this is still the case. I feel so much patriotism on and around September 11. I hope that you had an opportunity this week to recall your own September 11 experience and the experiences of others you know and that the spirit of patriotism kindled inside of you as well.

Just a reminder of some of the upcoming AWA events over the next couple of weeks - the PALS are having a Spring Soiree Fashion Show and Cocktail event on 18 September. On 19 September is the Dinner Group and a morning coffee is scheduled for 20 September. On 24 September the literary lunch group is meeting and Moms 'n Tots has an event scheduled for 27 September. Please see the AWA Calendar on our Website for further information about all of these upcoming events.

Hope to see you at an AWA event soon!

Kind regards


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