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Australia Day 2016: President's Blog

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Happy Australia Day 2016 from our President Paula Appelhans: 

Australia Day commemorates the founding of Australia. On January 26, 1788, the British proclaimed sovereignty over the eastern seaboard now known as New South Wales.  The history of Australia is in many ways similar to the US, beginning with its original claim by the British and eventual sovereignty in 1901.  (It has been said that the British came to Australia after they lost the 13 Colonies) Australia Day is marked with family and nationalistic traditions.  While we have hot dogs, potato salad, apple and cherry pies, Aussie traditions include snags, lamb and rissoles on the BBQ,  something called "damper" and with desserts called pavlova and lamingtons!   The day is marked with local parades, but it is also known for naming the Australian of the Year and for its Citizenship and Affirmation ceremonies throughout the country.  Take a moment to enjoy the day! Maybe start the day with the Flag raising ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall at 10:30, then the Parade in the CBD at 11:00. Take a free tour of the Government House during its Open Day or events at the Docklands.  Many local councils and shires have their own events as well.  Enjoy the celebrations of our host country and Happy Australia Day!    

See Melbourne CBD Events here   

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