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An Aussie Male's Perspective on AFL Finals

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An Aussie Male's Perspective on AFL Finals 
Written by Ash Jurberg (AFL enthusiast and partner of AWA member Cece Hyslop)

The smell of September is in the air. Melburnians have a spring in their step. The scarves and beanies begin to disappear (except for hipsters who for some reason wear beanies even in summer) and the birds are chirping. Is it the weather that causes it? The flowers that bloom? No, it's the arrival of something far more important - AFL finals time.

We all know that AFL is a religion in Melbourne. A team is chosen upon birth and you are part of that tribe for life. Win, lose or draw (yes, we have draws in sport, none of this extra time for us). Monday morning talk in any office is about footy tips, fantasy league results and the wins and losses on the weekend. Anyone who can't participate either needs to Google or be ex-communicated. If you can't discuss Buddy's knee or Nat Fyfe's Brownlow chances, then you can forget about a pay rise. And all this talk and hype culminates in a month long celebration.

If you were in doubt about how serious September finals is then look no further than the newly installed Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews. In his very first day on the job he didn't look at budgets. Or proposed initiatives. He didn't even bother with the IT orientation. His first order of business was to proclaim a public holiday in Melbourne for the day before the AFL Grand Final. Bear in mind he had just won an election and didn't need more votes - he just knew that it had to be done. A three day weekend to celebrate our great game. In the self-proclaimed sports capital of the world, it just made sense.

So for the next four weeks be prepared for non-stop talk on finals, Brownlow medals, Rising Stars, All Australians, Norm Smith favourites and more. And if none of that makes sense - start Googling. Remember, you have a three day long weekend coming up - its worth it!

1 Comment Posted

Masoomeh | Monday, 7 September 2015 8:13:52 AM
Great post. My husband has been trying to get me to choose a team since I arrived in Australia 5 years ago. I would make him a very happy man if I start supporting St Kilda!!