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American Holidays around the bend!

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As we move into the autumn and winter months - the cooler air is a reminder that a few American (cool air) holiday plannings are getting underway. And of course, Fourth of July will be here before you know it!

Our member survey indicated that many of our members join because they want to remain connected to our American culture and heritage. These holiday celebrations are a great way to connect. Of course, the events don't happen without volunteers and attendees! So read on to learn about what's coming up and see how you might want to be involved.

Fourth of July - A Couple's River Cruise?:

The AWA is floating the idea of a River Cruise to celebrate the Fourth of July - an event that would be combined with the AAA (American Australian Association). Full details have yet to be determined, but we're after level of interest at this stage. If this is something that appeals to you (an evening cruise, food and drink supplied, 3-4 hour duration, cost ~$85-100pp) can you please email Heather to indicate your interest. If we don't have at least 10-15 members interested in this event, we will need to consider something else (and if you have thoughts and want to chair another idea for this holiday, please let Heather know!)

Halloween - Committee is forming:

Tamara Stillwell and Raishel Gainges (two new members!) have stepped up to co-chair the Halloween Trunk or Treat fundraiser (scheduled for Oct 28). Thank you Tamara and Raishel! They'll be soliciting more help soon - as they plan their first meeting in a few weeks time and we'll need lots of committee members (especially those who've helped before) to lend a hand. Please consider assisting on this committee - the AWA believes this event has the potential to really lift our organisation's profile and raise considerable money for the hospital. If you're interested in being on the committee, please contact Raishel

Thanksgiving - Needs a Chair and a Committee!:

Finally - Thanksgiving is one of America's best holidays (well, in my opinion!) and an important one to celebrate together - giving thanks for friends, family and all that is good in our lives. Thanksgiving has been celebrated at a number of venues over the past few years. It's been formal, and not so formal. We've had sit down family style, and we've had everything else in between. How do you want to this year's event to be? We're after a Thanksgiving Chair and a committee. If you're interested in putting your hand up for either, please contact Heather .

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