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AWA strikes new partnerships...

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As the 2011-12 board year begins to wind down, I feel pretty good about where our organisation is heading. Our board has been focused on increasing the AWA's presence in the community and strengthening our ties with other organisations and this strategy has seen us effect a number of changes, including:
  • A strengthened partnership with the Royal Children's Hospital by associating with one organisation. The Children's Bioethics Centre - our fundraising beneficiary for the next three year period has joined as one of the AWA's POAs, and in turn our VP of Fundraising will also sit on their board. We encourage all interested members to attend their upcoming fundraising dinner on 11 July featuring the Harvard Krokodilloes and a live auction. Please let them know that you're with the AWA when booking your ticket so that you can be sat with other AWA members!

  • Changes to our Halloween event into a fundraiser, rather than a purely social event - thus engaging the local community. In 2013, the AWA anticipates this event doubling in size and has is proud to announce it's first sponsor - USA Foods! We've got a really solid committee, led by Raishel Ganges and Brooke Purcell - but we welcome more. Our next Halloween committee meeting will be held on Sat 30 June at 11am

  • A further forging of our relationship with the AAA (Australian - American Association) - including the joint co-hosting of Fourth of July social event.

  • A partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). This partnership is especially exciting - as the AWA is now an AmCham member. What that effectively means is - every single one of our AWA members, are now a member of AmCham. That's more member benefits to you via the events they conduct and assistance that they provide to business.

    The first event that AmCham is conducting that we think might be of interest to our members, is their Fourth of July Celebration. This event will be held of 4 July in the City and the AWA's patron - Consulate General Frank Urbancic will be the special guest of honor. You can book tickets directly through our website - and you'll receive AmCham 'member pricing' for all events.

  • A potential joining of forces with the Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Penn Clubs for Thanksgiving

  • And finally - we are focusing on forging new corporate partnerships through the addition of our 'corporate membership' - geared to attract businesses that want to partner with and support our organisation in an ongoing matter.

We've got a huge planning group for the Halloween event, a strong group of ladies focusing on new fundraising directions and a full board slate for the 2012-13 year.

I really hope that you'll plan to join us for the tour of the new RCH on 4 July which concludes with tea/coffee as we thank the outgoing board and vote in the new. Please RSVP your intentions to join the RCH Tour no later than Friday 29 June!

Look forward to seeing you soon,
Ann Marie

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