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AWA's New President

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As the 2015 Board is getting ready to sign off, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season, and safe travels if you are heading back home to the US.  It has been a privilege for all of us to serve on the Board of AWA during 2015.  It is a truly great organization with a fantastic member base and great potential for growth. The 2015 Board managed to accomplish the following: 
  • Develop a robust strategy for the growth and healthy operation of the organization;
  • Develop a new web site with effective integration of our social media platforms and promotion of our members;
  • Develop two platforms for supporting the Royal Children Hospital: One an event based fundraiser, and another on professional skill contribution;
  • Create and debut our new logo;
  • Initiate support for the simulation program for the education department of the RCH; and
  • Run a very successful Halloween fundraising event which provided community based support for the RCH.

The 2016 Board is filled with intelligent, enthusiastic, and professional ladies who will continue to deliver the AWA's vision.  Please support them this upcoming year, as your participation and involvement will contribute significantly to their success.

The board members for 2016 are as follows:

President:   Paula Appelhans
VP Membership:   Kristen Smethhurst
Web Director:   Cece Hyslop
Treasurer:  Jennifer Liechti
Secretary:  Deb Welke  
Internal Communications:   Megan Farquhar  
Event Coordinator:   Halley Spong

It was originally announced that Joy Villalino would be taking on the AWA presidency for 2016; however, due to personal reasons, she was unable to accept the position. Paula Applehans enthusiastically offered to step into the role, and with her strong background in the health care industry, we know she'll lead the 2016 Board to do great things this year!  Here is Paula's bio so you can get to know a little bit about her past experience: 

Paula's experience has focused on various aspects of US health care, including corporate mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, business development and other operational aspects of health care entities.  Paula transitioned to research health care and international human rights law in the UK. Currently a researcher with the Singapore civil society (AWARE) and Institute of Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) under American University, Paula has extensively researched Singapore's health care models including clinical, financial, and community based projects, and care giving roles and their effects on the life cycle of women. Paula continues to contribute to AWARE's annual budget recommendations under current and proposed models. This work led to her recent research on the rights of the disabled in Singapore, Myanmar, and Lao PDR, in which she utilizes  UN Treaties as well as  a gendered focus on the issues and challenges facing persons with disabilities. 

You can say hello to and welcome most of the 2016 Board members at the Drinks at the Consulate event on the 8th. We're all excited to see what this capable group will accomplish this year!

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