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2017 President's Message

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President's Message:


Welcome to 2017!


AWA has been on the move since 2016 and the 2017 Board is on line and ready for the next chapter.  We are dedicated to developing our fundraising activities, our social events, creating assistance programs for Americans new to Melbourne and creating unique opportunities for our Members.


Fundraising for Royal Children's Hospital:

Several highlights from last year include allocating funds for a pediatric non-invasive ventilator; collaborating with two other Auxiliaries to fund a treatment ultrasound; and making a donation to the Children's Bio Ethics Committee. AWA contributions to RCH were over $83,000.00 in 2016.  A big Thank You to all of our Members for making this possible!


The Halloween Monster Bash will remain as our primary fundraising event for 2017. The partnerships developed with Deaf Children Australia as well as the other vendors from the event, are excited and already planning how to contribute to the event for 2017. AWA Member, Julie Walker has graciously offered to Chair the 2017 HMB.  Julie and her family did an amazing job last year! We can't wait to see what she has in store for us.


Social Events Calendar:

We are in the process of creating the calendar for 2017. We have committed to events such 4th of July; Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  We are looking to develop a monthly Members Open event as a way to be more accessible to Members and as a way to meet other Members from across the Activity Groups. Currently, we need leaders for a few of our groups (Drinks Around Town, Moms N Tots), so please contact a Board Member if you are interested!


Opportunities for Our Members

We have also pursued collaborative and sustainable partnerships for our Members and are looking to create more! As an example, Bendigo Bank has been a significant community partner with AWA this past year for our events as well as our operations. This has not only made our Treasurer's life easier, it will also benefit our Members. American expats may have additional challenges to opening an account or obtaining debit/credit cards if they are not here on a permanent basis.  Bendigo Bank has options available for our AWA Members to answer this challenge.


AWA Members also have access to the American Chamber of Commerce benefits.  We are in the process of setting up additional partnerships in 2017 and will announce those as they become available.


Stay tuned in to AWA for 2017!



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