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2016: Year of Inclusions

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2016: The Year of Inclusions 
By Paula Appelhans 

G'day AWA Melbourne!

We held our first Board Meeting January, 21st in St. Kilda and we have LOTS to start moving about for 2016. As a working premise for 2016, we at the Board want to make 2016 the Year of Inclusion: inclusion in activities of the Board; inclusion with RCH and its family of Auxiliaries; inclusion into our communities by way of volunteering not only our resources, but our talent and positive energy; and inclusive Membership strategies for recruiting new Members and engaging current Members.

As a way of leading by example, we will be making our communications and actions as inclusive as possible with the Members. The Board has agreed to make the Board Agendas available a week before the meeting in order to include any member comments.  There will be a continuing line item on the Agenda and Meeting Minutes to specifically include Member's comments in our discussions.  

At our next Board meeting we will be reviewing strategies and goals for 2016 and we will also begin our discussions for the annual Halloween Event. The Board has agreed to put fundraising energies into one large event this year. Not to say we won't be involved in others, but by allowing AWA to focus on one large event, we can maximize the overall performance in several ways: create a broader community focus for the fundraiser, maximize the use of our Member resources by creating phases of development to meet their volunteer commitment, and spreading out the work in a more even flow.  We believe it will make it easier for Members to get involved in one large fundraising project than commit to multiple small events. The rate of return on last year's event and the potential to increase our rate of return exponentially, makes this a solid choice. We will be creating an event planning schedule at our February meeting with live action beginning in March. With the ideas already swirling amongst the Board members, this project promises to be amazing and we are very excited!   

Membership and Social Events/Activities:

The Board has already begun its investigation on how we can be more inclusive in our activities! Rather than creating more "groups" the Board is exploring how we can expand already existing groups and make them more inclusive. Or simply design some random, roving or rotating Member functions that coincide with other Melbourne events. I've spoken with the RCH Foundation to see how we can better lend our Membership talents and skills to benefit the RCH Community. Furthermore, we may coordinate events with other Auxiliaries or Community Education type of RCH events.

The Board has the passion and energy to enjoy a new AWA year and we hope to inspire our Members to feel the same way! Watch for more Facebook postings and website info! 

3 Comments Posted

Cheryl Barrow | Saturday, 30 January 2016 7:35:36 PM
Sounds inspiring.... Most impressed.... Cheryl
Julie W | Monday, 1 February 2016 3:09:32 PM
As a new member, I'm looking forward to getting involved this year. Thanks for the update!
Shasta Fisher | Wednesday, 3 February 2016 5:08:19 PM
I'm a new member but very much looking forward to being a part this year.