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Cost: New or Renewal Membership costs just $75 per year.

We are no longer requiring new Members to pay a $25 administration or as a lapse fee to our renewing Members.

Instead, we are asking Members to choose a volunteer status. Changes at the RCH Foundation have made this necessary. Those Members who complete the volunteer checks and volunteer for a fundraising event during their membership year will not be required to pay a volunteer levy.

Non-Volunteer Levy - $25

AWA is an All Volunteer organisation.

We ask each member to complete the volunteer checks and volunteer at least once per year. We do understand that this is not always an option for our Members. If you choose not to volunteer at any AWA fundraising event during your membership year, we ask for a donation of $25 as a volunteer levy to opt out. This will count as a donation to our current fundraising campaign.

(Ex. GST)