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Movie Night - The Beguiled

Monday, 17 July 2017TBA
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*This event will happen on either 17 or 18 July*

Please join fellow cinema lovers at Movie Night!  This year's theme is Women in Film (directors or female POV) with viewings mostly on Monday and Tuesday evenings which are discounted movie nights in Melbourne.  In July, we are watching Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled.  Not only because she uses a word that many peeps have to look up in her title, but also the fact that Coppola is the only the second woman to win the Cannes Festival top directing prize for this film.  The story revolves around the US Civil War, a southern boarding school with Headmistress Nicole Kidman and teacher (Coppola fave) Kirsten Dunst, and Colin Farrell as an injured Union soldier who finds himself in a more dangerous situation than the battlefield  For a review, please click here