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1960's - Swinging 60's

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1960's - Swinging 60's

The decade of protest, folk songs and the Vietnam War. Membership was growing into an active and ever broader group of women dedicated to voluntary service and helping sick children.

The custom of morning coffees was begun to welcome new members and introduce them to the work of the Auxiliary. Following the move to decimal currency in 1966, the then President, Mrs. R.D. Ellet, presented some "converted statistics - by the end of the decade the AWA had contributed $60,000 to the Royal Children's Hospital - huge sum of money - sewn thousands of items, supported a 13 bed ward, and pledged $10,000 to the Psychiatric Unit - now a world class centre thanks in part to AWA contributions.

VIPs take interest: Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies and future Prime Minister Harold Holt were among distinguished guests at 1963 Independence Day Ball, the "Showboat Dinner Dance" - a swinging musical night, in tune with the record.