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1930's - A Shared Beginning

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On June 1, 1931, 16 woman came together with the hope of contributing to their adopted country. These women were members of the South Yarra Auxiliary, but decided to create their American Auxiliary... and so the AWA was born.

In that first auspicious year, the benchmark for outstanding service to the Hospital was set. The incredible woman would never have anticipated the extent to which their heart-warming gesture would have flourished and progressed through 80+ glorious years.

Even from the beginning the AWA has valued the importance of friendship. The first fundraising activities celebrated this camaraderie and shared sense of purpose in making a difference, with members gathering at each others houses to knit and make garments for the children of the hospital.

1935 marked the beginning of major fundraising, as we know it today. The first Cabaret Ball was held at the Palais in St Kilda on the 4th of July and the first theme ball ' A night in Dixie' in 1939. Guests were invited to be transported to the land of cotton where sweet magnolias bloom and 'possums are silhouetted against the moon'