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Our History

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Sixteen women came together on June 1, 1931 with the hope of contributing to their adopted country.

80 years and thousands of members later the American Women's Association is still thriving and contributing to our adopted country.

Have a read through our Constitution and our history below.


AWA CONSTITUTION [AWA Constitution, adopted at the June 13, 2003 General Meeting. Revised October 03, 2012] ARTICLE I - NAME AND STATUS A) The name of the organization shall be: The American Women's Association. B) It…

Thoughts on our History, Barry Novy (POA)

From what I can see, Americans and Aussies feel easy with each other. They simply like each other and have for a very long time. We live with each other in either country, often with greater ease than moving from one part of our…

2000 - The Noughties

This decade saw the AWA grow in membership and hone its fundraising skills. Many members worked timelessly to make it a wonderful Auxiliary to be a part of and two-thirds of our members are permanent residents. The AWA maintains…

1990's - A Return to Style

Timeless volunteering, spectacular events and appreciation of strong life-long friendships made the 1990s our most successful fundraising decade ever. Ball themes saw a return to classic elegance and style with 1995's "A…

1980's - Onwards and Upwards

Since the beginning of the AWA fifty years ago, the Auxiliary has contributed over $250,000 to the Hospital. By 1989, one-third of all AWA members are Permanent Residents - this is a real reflection of the influence and respect…

1970's - Fashion & Love

1970's - Fashion & Love The 1970's was the decade of fashion hats, shoes and fabulous outfits were showcased by many stylish members at various fashion parades and cocktail functions all over Melbourne. The annual…

1960's - Swinging 60's

1960's - Swinging 60's The decade of protest, folk songs and the Vietnam War. Membership was growing into an active and ever broader group of women dedicated to voluntary service and helping sick children. The custom of morning…

1950's - New Horizons

The 1950's saw the AWA consolidate its fundraising activities by raising funds for purchasing equipment. 1954 marked a record donation to the Hospital, due to the tremendous success of the "Gay Nineties" Ball. The $4000 raised…

1940's - The War Years

With many servicemen and women away lighting, the war years were particularly difficult for many Australians. The AWA answered the call to duty. At the urging of President Roosevelt, the 1942 Ball was held as usual on July 4,…

1930's - A Shared Beginning

On June 1, 1931, 16 woman came together with the hope of contributing to their adopted country. These women were members of the South Yarra Auxiliary, but decided to create their American Auxiliary... and so the AWA was born. In…