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AWA Board

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The AWA is what it is because of the commitment of its board members.  We look to combine the experience of long-standing members who bring with them corporate knowledge, and newer members who bring to the AWA refreshing energy and new ideas.

Board members are nominated by a committee and elected at an Annual General Meeting. They hold office for a period of not longer than two consecutive years.

If you would like more information about policies pertaining to the Board, see our Constitution.

Current Board Members

President - Paula Appelhans  (Member since 2015; 2nd time on board)
Secretary - Martha Bauer (Member since 2016; 1st time on board)
Treasurer - Irena K Bauer  (Member since 2012; 1st time on board)
Communications Director - Andrea Bruning  (Member since 2015; 2nd time on board)
Events and Fundraising - Sonya Uribe (Membership since 2018; 1st time on board)